Fresh Profiterole Tower

Product Description:

The croquembouche is a wow-worthy tower of profiteroles glazed in crunchy caramel that both looks and tastes incredible. Delicate choux pastry is filled with sweet Italian crème chantilly, while the caramel glaze holds everything in place, allowing the tower to reach crazy heights. Sometimes I need to climb up my small purple stepladder to finish the top! (Fun fact: the world’s tallest croquembouche was a whopping 4.1m!)

It’s the caramel glaze that gives the croquembouche its name, which translates to “crunch in the mouth.”

The croquembouche is French and features more commonly in celebrations in France than Italy, and the top is traditionally cut with a sword. You can build them with a mould to create a uniform appearance, or without for a more “free” look – we prefer the latter and all our profiterole towers are constructed entirely by hand.

Sword or no sword, it’s a great choice if you want to impress friends, colleagues, or relatives. For every croquembouche, we make extra profiteroles so we can “test” and ensure they meet our standard.


  • For up to 10 servings, £40 (18cm height)
  • For up to 15 servings, £55 (25cm height)
  • For up to 20 servings, £70 (30 cm height)
  • For up to 30 servings, £90 (37-40cm height)
  • For up to 40 servings, £140 (50 cm height)
  • For 50-60 servings £220 (55cm height)
  • For 70-80 servings £320 (65 cm height)
  • For up to 100 servings £400 (80-85 cm height)

Servings are based on 3 profiteroles per person, however, due to the nature of the glaze, cutting this exactly can be tricky (see important information for more details on serving a croquembouche). Desserts are more fun when they’re messy… so profiteroles may or may not be fully intact after being disassembled but there are technically enough there to serve the number suggested. And we guarantee they’ll taste delicious.

Important information for ordering and serving your croquembouche.

Serving notes:

  • Must be served on the same day
  • Can’t stay at room temperature for too long as they are filled with crème diplomat (a combination of crème pat and crème Chantilly), which means they require refrigeration. Too long in the fridge means the glaze may melt and the tower may collapse.
  • For bigger events or weddings, consider having a dedicated person to serve the croquembouche – this makes it easier and speeds up the process
  • Cut through the soft parts of the profiteroles to disassemble, The glaze will crack and the profiteroles may split so have small plates or bowls and forks at the ready! Each person will have a mix of choux clusters, cream and crunchy caramel glaze.

Order and delivery notes:

  • Check the height before ordering /assuming it will fit in the fridge.
  • Don’t be worried about collecting it for short car journeys as it’s pretty stable (the glaze acts as a glue, and it won’t collapse during the trip).
  • Not suitable for trips that are over an hour long.

Love profiteroles but not sure a croquembouche is going to fit in your fridge? The single glazed profiteroles feature on our  , or as part of our   collections.