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I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but most importantly, I’ve always been curious about the amazing art of patisserie. I baked my first cake when I was 4, because “I wanted cake now!” (clearly) but also because I wanted to recreate that magic that my mum seemed to be able to do: by combining eggs, sugar, flour and butter, the result she would get was such a spectacular thing (at that time, it was just a plain white sponge in the shape of a ring -a “ciambellone” for the Italian speakers- but to me it was the most delicious source of happiness I could think of – well maybe together with getting a puppy).

Growing up I spent a lot of my free time reading cookery books, trying to learn, discover and unveil the secrets of the art of patisserie. I would go to one of the local patisseries, indulge in one of those sweet work of arts, marvel at joy that the combination of flavors and textures would cause within me at every mouthful, and then try to understand how they had achieved such a result, and how I could possibly reproduce it. My closest friends used to say that in those moments I had a sparkle in my eyes, sometimes they even tried to catch it on camera!

The chance to finally enter the magical world of patisserie and to learn the secrets hidden in the Laboratori di Pasticceria , the kitchens where pastry chefs would give life to it all, came unexpectedly one summer, with a summer placement (that became a permanent job) in the production kitchen of a family run patisserie, located in a village in Piedimont, a region in the North West of Italy, among the Alps close to France.

I loved every moment I spent in that kitchen. I learnt how to make things from scratch: how to make marzipan starting from whole almonds, how to make puff pastry with a thousand layers, how to make the lightest choux pastry and the colourful shiny fondant that would cover the tradional “bignole”, and thousands more.

Then I moved to Cambrdge and I simply couldn’t stop myself. I started baking biscuits (in Italian “biscotti”) in my “student accommodation” flat in an attic of one of the cbg colleges, and shared them with friends and colleagues.

The rest is history and here I am now, an established business, with a commercial kitchen set up in a Business Unit just outside of Cambridge. I have won awards, worked with Fortnum and Mason’s, had my own market stalls, and I now work closely with local catering businesses, restaurants, cafes and delis.

The art of making cakes will never cease to fascinate me. I can’t describe the satisfaction that I get in creating new recipes, learning new tecniques, risking new combinations until they work and give me that “magic” feel.

And the amazing joy that I get when I see someone else tasting my creations and seeing that sparkle in their eyes that means: yes, they like it, yes they are happy.

So ultimately this is why I make cakes: because it makes me happy, and because I hope it will make you happy too!

Debora Bonnes

My name is Debora Bonnes and I am a baker based in Cambridge.

I have experience catering for any occasion on a variety of scales, including corporate functions, weddings and parties. I can create bespoke custom cakes, cater for large events and have years of experience.

The most important thing though, is that my cakes are delicious!

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I have worked with clients across Cambridge, London and beyond, catering an assortment of events – from May Balls at Cambridge University Colleges such as Trinity, Gonville & Caius, Magdalene and St. Edmund’s, to events at the Open University.

I’ve supplied cakes to Fortnum & Mason’s, Cambridge Assessment, The Judge Business School and many other organisations. I’m flexible, affordable and reliable.

Just wanted to say thankyou for the desserts that you supplied for our wedding. I was just blown away by them, they were amazing...everyone went back for seconds (and thirds)!

Chloe Wedding Customer

I have eaten fine cakes in most of the pastry capitals of Europe, but I have never tasted biscuits and petits fours as delicate, as subtly flavoured, as exquisite and as irresistibly delicious as those produced by Biscotti di Debora.

Christobel Kent Writer

When we were looking for 1200 cupcakes for a company event, at relatively short notice, I knew who to turn to - Biscotti di Debora. Debora understands that the cakes she creates not only have to taste and look amazing, but that also fulfilling the order on the day at a designated time is crucial. She didn’t disappoint - 1200 cakes, all looking identical (and tasting wonderful) appeared at our offices at the agreed time.

Alison Thomson Senior Communications Executive

Positively the best cake ever! It was all eaten by Saturday night and people were having very large helpings!

Jackie, Bride