A day in the life of a baker

Running a bakery doesn’t mean I spend all day making sponges and salted caramel and meringue. Ever wondered what I get up to on a typical day? Grab a cappuccino and read on…


First things first


My favourite mug

The day gets off to an early start. Which means a ritual of coffee and my favourite Italian radio station to help get my brain into the right gear! 


I’ve been listening to Radio DeeJay since I was 14 – they are like family, really. Once the radio presenters are chatting away, it’s time for a cappuccino in my favourite cat mug. 


Getting organised


Who doesn’t love a list? Next, I list every cake that needs making that day – a mix of regular orders, birthday cakes and random treats.


Before any baking happens, I check my phone/emails/Instagram/Facebook pages for any new orders or messages so nothing is forgotten. Any cleaning that needs doing gets done and then…


Debora baking pasticcini

Preparing pasticcini orders

Baking time


Then the juggling (aka baking) begins. I often need to do three things at the same time to keep on top of everything so it takes a lot of concentration – while the eggs are beating for the Genoese sponge, the caramel

is cooking ready to become salted caramel sauce and I’m whipping the cream to be added to the chocolate mousse or using melted chocolate to write “Happy birthday” on a cake.


Sometimes this can create casualties – usually it’s the sugar for the caramel that burns and I need to start over… It always ends up perfect before making its way to the final product.


Cocker Spaniel (not actually Fonzie but still really cute)

Time for a break


I’m lucky to have great neighbours so I wave ‘hello’ to new arrivals and ‘see you later’ to Simon from Full Circle Fitness who is already working with clients before I arrive.. (rather them than me!)

Some days I’ll be treated to a fantastic mid-morning coffee from Simon at Ski Exchange   (thanks Simon!) and I’ll wave to the Polar Bearings team and cocker spaniel Fonzie on their morning walk.

Hand delivering cakes in Cambridge

Hand delivering cakes in Cambridge



In the midst of the pandemic, I’m also chief delivery driver so after good headway has been made with the cakes, I head out, hand-delivering cakes and pasticcini around Cambridge.


Debora icing a cake in the Cambridge bakery

Adding the finishing touches to a St Honore cake

More baking / cleaning / admin / any last-minute surprise jobs


In the afternoon I usually add the finishing touches to any cakes from the morning and start preparing bases for the following day – things that need to cool or rest before being used.


It’s a busy day but it’s a fun one! Seeing your eyes light up when your cake is delivered makes it worth the hard work.



If you’re feeling inspired to try some of my Italian style cakes then head over to the online store for inspiration and pricing.


  • 28th April 2021


    Amazing !

  • 1st May 2021

    Caroline Murray

    Debora, you are a real hero, working so hard and spreading so much happiness!

  • 18th August 2021

    Patrick Dao

    Waving at Debora after a hard training session is always a good start of a day!
    Thanks for spoiling us with your creation Debora: for those who haven’t tried… you definitely have missed out!


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