Wedding Cakes


For a lighter, fresher and more versatile alternative to the traditional British wedding cake, why not have a look at what the Italian patissier has to offer?

To make a beautiful statement in its own right or to supplement the traditional cake as a dessert at the end of your special meal, a tiered glass cake stand decorated with spun sugar and fresh flowers can showcase the very best of our gateaux, our cupcakes and our exquisite petits fours. Why not choose from the following:


One of the most popular continental wedding cakes, a tower of tiny profiteroles filled with Italian crème Chantilly (whipped cream, sugar and crème patissiere) and drizzled with golden caramel, the croqu’embouche is a delicious showstopper

Gateau Saint Honoré

A puff pastry base topped with alternate layers of chocolate and vanilla crème patissiere, Genoise sponge and whipped cream. Finished with chopped hazelnuts and individual caramelised profiteroles.


Layered meringue and cream with summer fruits or zabaglione.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

For the chocoholic bride and groom: layers of sponge,crème patissiere and dark chocolate mousse.

Petits fours

Your selection of Debora's prize-winning petits fours. Each one an exquisite miniature dessert, from profiteroles stuffed with crème Chantilly to miniature pannacotta, from hazelnut mousse on a biscuit base to coffee crème patissiere in a chocolate casing. Petits fours are arranged on my special cake stands. The tiny masterpieces make a gorgeous wedding statement.


Chocolate or vanilla sponge with different fillings (jams, chocolate and vanilla crème patissiere), topped with buttercream crème au beurre (coffee, limoncello or hazelnut), chocolate ganache or miniature profiteroles, berries in season or cream-cheese buttercream.

Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Seasonal Fruit gateaux

Monte Bianco

A sumptuous mountain of a dessert: meringue and cream topped with pureed sweet chestnuts flavoured with sugar, rum and vanilla.

Prices and estimates are available on request, and I make it a priority to offer a full consultation service on the bride and groom’s individual requirements.

special cake stands will display a number of gateaux, either all or a selection, which can be replenished. I can also offer the option of a display of vintage cake stands piled with cupcakes or petits fours.