Great Taste Awards 09
Gold 1 Star
Miniature Pannecotta

Great Taste Awards 09
Gold 2 Star

…little bites of delight!

“Miniature meringues flavoured with hazelnut cream and raspberries; croquembouche with caramel and zabaglione; tiny panna cotta and chocolate baskets filled with praline: I have eaten fine cake in most of the pastry capitals of Europe, but I have never tasted biscuits and petits fours as delicate, as subtly flavoured, as exquisite and as irresistibly delicious as those produced by Debora in her small kitchen; ‘I biscotti di Debora’ are the best!” (Christobel)

Small, intense bites of luxury in the shape of Debora’s petits fours: an assorted selection of Italian Pasticcini, a tempting succession of little nibbles, each carefully constructed and intensely flavoured.